All You Need To Know About In-Vehicle Signal Boosters

Experiencing call drops and slow data speed is very common when we travel through remote locations. These areas may not have a proper cellular network and we won’t be able to stay connected with our friends and family members when we go on a road trip through these places. 

The perfect solution for this problem is an in-vehicle signal booster. It is a device that is designed specifically to capture cell signals, increase its strength, and rebroadcasts the signals to all the cellular devices.

How Do They Work?

The working of the in-vehicle signal booster is similar to the in-house signal booster. These boosters also have an outside antenna, an amplifier unit, and an inside antenna to broadcast the boosted signals. The external antenna of the signal booster will be usually placed on the roof of the automobile. This is because the cell signals will not be able to penetrate effectively through the metal roof and glass window of the vehicles. 

It is the outside antenna that captures the cell signals coming from the nearest cell tower and sends these cell signals to the amplifier placed inside the car. The amplifier unit and the outside antenna are connected using a coaxial cable. High-quality coaxial cables should be used to connect the two components to avoid the loss of cell signals during transmission. 

The amplifier unit is usually placed under the seat for saving the space. It will boost the strength of the cell signals provided to it by the external antenna to a usable level. The cell signals, after amplification, will be rebroadcasted to all the mobile devices inside the vehicle. Since the in-vehicle cell phone booster is amplifying cell signals for a small space, its coverage area is less than that of an in-house cell phone booster.

How To Choose The Right In-Vehicle Signal Booster?

The first thing that you need to take into account is the number of people that are going to make use of the device. Many companies are offering high-quality single-user and multi-user in-vehicle signal boosters. The installation of these signal boosters does not need any professional expertise as they come with an instruction manual that can help you finish the installation successfully.

In-vehicle signal boosters come in different price ranges. Sometimes signal boosters with similar features might have two different prices. Therefore, you have to compare the prices of signal boosters with similar features and choose the one that helps you save money. Also, look for in-vehicle signal boosters that offer at least 1 year of warranty.

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