Tips You Can Try To Improve Cell Reception

Low or no signal strength in your cell phone is not a rare incident, especially if you live in a remote place with very few transmitting towers operating in the area. Urban locations too aren’t free from signal troubles as excessive traffic can affect the cellular reception adversely.

In this session, we discuss some of the tips to improve cellular reception.

Install A Cell Phone Booster

The permanency of a solution is the key to deciding its value. As that is the case, a signal booster is a high-value solution to signal issues because the device is a permanent solution to signal issues. Three major components of the cellular signal booster are external antenna, amplifier, and internal antenna.

The external antenna captures the cellular signals from the outside and transfers them to the amplifier, which then processes the signals to increase its strength. After amplification, the signals are sent to the internal antenna that broadcasts the signals to the specific points, which require boosted signals. 

Know Where The Nearest Cell Tower Is

The closer you are to the transmitting tower, the better signals you receive on your cell phone. Hence locating the nearest cell tower is an important process that can be done by checking the decibel strength displayed in your cell phones while moving between different external points.  

If you have planned to install a cell phone booster, know that the external antenna has to be placed at the point that receives maximum available signal strength. 

Make Sure You Do Not Block The Cell Phone Antenna

Modern cell phones have built-in antennas inside. This sheds light on the possibility of antennas getting blocked by the position you hold the phone. When you hold your phone in landscape position, you might be blocking its antenna, which is why it is recommended that you hold it in an upright position. 

Avoid Possible Obstructions

Unless there is clear line-of-sight between the cell phone and cell tower, the clarity of cellular communication cannot reach up to the mark. Obstruction in the path between cell phone and cell tower has to be cleared to ensure the quality of the cellular communication. 

You may try simple tips like getting near a window, moving outside, avoiding barriers like hills, trees, etc to improve cellular reception. 

Of all the signal improving solutions, a cell phone booster seems to be the most efficient one, as it promises good cellular reception even when the outward signal strength is far below the required level.

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