Tips On Boosting Wi-Fi Coverage And Internet Speed At Home

After the outbreak of coronavirus, several nations have enforced lockdown. As a result, millions around the globe are forced to do home-based work. It is essential to have a strong internet connection to work in this way. However, people often lack strong Wi-Fi signals on their devices connected to the internet. If you have this issue, then try any or a combination of the following steps to improve the wireless speed.

Disconnect Every Unwanted Device

Do you have some devices at home that are connected to the router and that you do not use? If yes, just disconnect each of these devices from the router. Connect only the work-related device or devices to the wireless network to have a better speed.

Place The Wireless Router Strategically

Keep every router at a distance from metal appliances and the walls. Wireless signals might find it difficult to go through certain materials, including metal. So keep each wireless equipment unit away from these things. Try to put each piece of equipment in as centremost position as possible.

Utilize Multiple SSIDs Having Small Amount Of Bandwidth

Set up many service set identifiers. The term ‘SSID’ refers to the wireless network’s name. Every other device identifies the network through the SSID of it.

Allocate a specific internet speed to each of the devices you utilize for work. These can have a little bit more bandwidth than other devices. Doing it ensures that each device always has the allocated speed at the least.

Put Work Devices On One Frequency

Do you have a multi-band router, which encodes and decodes Wi-Fi waves at 2.45 gigahertz and 5 gigahertz frequency bands? If yes, set up your work device(s) in such a way that it uses one frequency, and avoid connecting other devices to that network. For instance, if you configure the device to use 5 gigahertz band, then never connect other devices to the 5 GHz network. This will aid in improving Wi-Fi speed.

Utilize Ethernet Cable When It Is Possible

The best thing is to use a long Ethernet cable, or position the router adjacent to the device you use to work. To connect the cable to your device, you will need to sit near the modem or the cable will have to be long enough to reach it.

Utilize Wi-Fi Coverage Boosting Devices

It is possible to determine zones at home where there is no Wi-Fi signal through a purpose-built application. In the event you have an excessive number of dead zones there, then utilize a wireless range extender or two for better coverage.

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