Steps To Consider When Installing Your Signal Boosters

Cell phone boosters are simple devices that can be installed easily. You do not need much technical expertise to install one. It has only a few components including an interior antenna, an exterior antenna, an amplifier, and cables for connection, so you can install it yourself without seeking the help of a professional. Hence, we are listing some of the important steps you have to follow for installing cell phone boosters. 

Find The Best Outside Signal

Outside signals play an important role in deciding the performance of your cellular boosters. You have to install your exterior antenna where there is good outside signal strength. This will help your antenna to receive more signals, thereby increasing the strength of the signals transmitted by your boosters. 

You have to find an area with the best signal strength for mounting your external antenna. For this, you can walk around the perimeter of your home and check the signals received by your cell phone. You can also use the help of some mobile apps that are designed for finding the strength of cell phone signals. This will help you to easily locate an area with the maximum signal strength for mounting your external antenna. 

Mount Your Exterior Antenna

The next step is to mount your exterior antenna in the area that you have decided based on the signal strength. Place the antenna as high as possible, preferably on the roof with the help of a mounting pole. If you are using a directional antenna, make sure that it is mounted near the edge of the roof in a way that it is pointed away from the building. 

Connect To The Amplifier

After mounting your exterior antenna, now is the time for you to install your amplifier in an area that is convenient for you. Connect the exterior antenna with the coaxial cable that you received along with the booster kit. Make sure that your antenna is placed in an area with good ventilation. 

Install Your Interior Antenna

Find out where you want to install your internal antenna. You may either install it on your ceiling or wall based on the type of antenna you are using. 

When installing your interior antenna, it is important to ensure that there is enough distance between your interior and exterior antennas for avoiding oscillation. There should be at least 20 feet vertical separation or 50 feet horizontal separation between your antennas. After mounting this antenna, connect it with the amplifier using the given cables. 

Power On

The next step is to connect the amplifier to the power supply and switch it on. If everything is okay, then all lights will turn green. If you want to do some adjustments, then you will have to reboot the amplifier.

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