Does Mobile Jammer Affect The Working Of A Cell Phone Booster?

A man using his phone with a signal booster.

A mobile jammer is a device designed to prevent signals from reaching cell phones, thereby blocking cellular communication of any kind within the area where the jammer is installed. These was initially designed for military purposes. 

Cell phone booster has an objective that is just the opposite of that of a mobile phone jammer. It improves cellular reception by amplifying the cellular signals and broadcasting them within its coverage area. 

Does Mobile Jammer Have An Impact On The Working Of Cell Phone Booster?

Like a mobile jammer interferes with cell phones, it also interferes with the cell phone booster installed at your place. Signal boosters are essentially signal repeaters, inputting the available cellular signals in your area. If the cellular signals are blocked, boosters are left with no input and hence cannot produce amplified signals as output. 

Does The Presence Of Cell Phone Booster Have An Impact On The Working Of Cell Phone Jammer?

There is no denying that a cell phone booster is an excellent tool to amplify signal strengths and facilitate better cellular communication but it has no impact on the working of a cell phone jammer. As of now, cell phone boosters cannot be used as a defense against mobile jammer. 

How Do Cell Phone Jammers Work?

A cell phone jammer blocks the communication between cell phone and transmitting tower by transmitting signals of the same frequency used in cell phone-tower interaction. The jammer signals are transmitted with greater power than those from cell phones. It is basically a denial-of-service attack that is taking place here. 

What Are The Ways To Detect A Signal Jammer? 

Dropped service is the best sign of the presence of a mobile jammer at a location. There are apps that claim to detect signal jammers but most of them aren’t proven yet. Without advanced military-level technology, it is difficult for an average user to detect a mobile jammer. 

How To Stop A Signal Jammer?

 Finding out the physical location of the jammer and relocating seems to be the only possible way to stop signal jammers in most cases. A jammer usually looks like a cell phone, walkie-talkie, or wireless router. Once you find it, just disable it. 

You might also try switching the frequency on which your cell phone operates but for that you should be a technical expert. Moreover, the practicality of the attempt depends on how sophisticated the jammer is. 

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