Reasons For Slow Download And Ways To Fix It

The term ‘downloading’ does not necessarily refer to only getting a file from the internet by clicking the download button. Even if you are accessing something online, you are downloading data. There has been much advancement in cellular technology over the years, but people often experience slow downloads even today. Your downloading can become slow due to many different reasons, including the following.

Carrier Throttling

Throttling means the action of a telecommunications service provider reducing the speed of data transfer over their network. Most of the time, carriers throttle speeds when internet subscribers use up the maximum amounts of data allotted to them for the day. If you are a frequent downloader of files through peer to peer software programs, then carriers may throttle speeds to stop from you doing it. The key here is to identify what makes carriers throttle your speeds, and then you will know what to do to fix it.

Weak Cellular Signals

The most commonly seen cause of slow data downloads is the availability of only weak cellular signals. Weak signals lead to a poor internet connection, which causes much resending of data, and the consequent longer download time that comes with it. In the event of discovering that this is the cause for your download issue, you could try some different solutions including the following.


Go Outside Your Building And Try Establishing The Connection Again


Common construction materials such as brick, concrete, and metal act as cellular signal blockers. These materials obstructing a cellular signal will affect your download speeds. If it was not for these, you would have been getting the maximum download speed achievable through the carrier tower. 


Use A Signal Booster


Going outside may not be a solution that you can rely on always. This is why you might want to turn to a more reliable and tried and tested solution such as a cell phone booster for a metal building. It will collect the stronger signals available outside, improve the signals, and transmit these boosted ones to your device. This way, you will also have better connectivity, in addition to several other cellular benefits.

Weak Wi-Fi Signals

If there is a slow download when you are using someone else’s data through Wi-Fi, then you might need better Wi-Fi coverage at home to fix this issue. It could be that you are experiencing the issue when downloading from a weak-signal zone at home. Using a Wi-Fi range extender will improve coverage, thereby fixing the issue.

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