A Permanent Solution For Weak Cell Reception

Not even half an hour passes without us reaching into our pockets, in an attempt to reach our smartphones. Smartphones are everywhere and our human lives are extremely intertwined with it, to such a degree that we feel handicapped and ‘empty’ the minute we realize that we left our phone at home. We are not to question as to whether this dependence on smartphones is good or not, but we are simply pointing out the observations. 

Much of this dependence is responsible for how much easier life is, having a cell phone in hand. Unfortunately, no matter how advanced or modern it is, a phone turns into nothing more than a fancy calculator the minute it is unable to latch onto a proper cell signal. 

Smartphones thank their smartness to the internet via a decent cell reception. Without a decent reception, your phone would be unable to connect to the fitness tracker that keeps a track of the number of calories you have burnt or the number of steps you took. No more checking your maps on the fly, and no more hailing a cab with a flick of the screen. Your smartphone is officially a dumb phone without a good signal. 

Now, this is a problem that has harassed many cell phone users alike, and thankfully there is a solution in sight, with a simple device called a 4G cell phone signal booster. A 4G cell phone signal booster does exactly what it is named- it boosts your cell phones 4G signal. Now if you are someone who uses the 3G signal, then go right ahead with a 3G cell signal booster. 

The call booster latches onto the weak signals that fly past you, via an external antenna. The external antenna catches these, and then passes them on for boosting to the amplifier. The amplifier enhances the signal, which loses its strength due to various natural and man-made barriers between your phone and the nearest cell tower. The boosted signal is then broadcasted with the help of the antenna that is kept indoors. 

The final result is your phone enjoying a strong, steady cell reception. Gone are the worries of not being able to get a signal anywhere in the house, now with the cell booster you can get a signal no matter where you are- even the patio or the basement!

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