How To Maintain Your Cell Phone Booster?

A woman who needs a mobile signal repeater to fix her poor signal.

Cell phone boosters usually come at affordable rates and do not require much maintenance. But that doesn’t mean you can install one at home and leave it unattended. For the optimal performance of the cell phone booster, its cables and other parts have to be periodically monitored to ensure that there are no issues. 

In this article, we discuss some maintenance tips for cell phone booster. 

Ensure That All Connections Are Established Well 

All the connections of the signal booster system have to be fully inserted without being overly tightened. Tight connections increase the chances for breakage while loose connections may affect the ability of the amplifier to send and receive signals. Try to establish a finger-tight connection. 

Keep A Check On The Amplifier’s Temperature 

The amplifier function is not really affected even if it works 20 degrees above ambient temperature. It has the ability to function effectively at temperatures as high as 150 degrees Fahrenheit. In case you find that the amplifier is overheated, you may call the tech support team of your cell phone booster brand. 

Ensure That The Cables Are Not Damaged Or Pinched 

The cables have to be well-maintained and kept free of damage. Damaged or frayed cables affect the performance of cell phone booster adversely and also pose a safety risk at home. 

Monitor The Working Of Inside And Outside Antennas

The poor performance of cell phone booster can sometimes result from poorly maintained antennas kept indoors and outdoors. Antennas should be kept at points that do not have any obstructions. 

The chances for the antennas to be damaged are increased by multiple folds when placed in high traffic areas. The people who pass around the point where antennas are placed may accidentally damage them. Take adequate care to avoid possible obstructions that make it difficult for the antennas to send and receive signals.  Placing the internal antennas inside thick cupboards made of wood or metal and placing the outside antennas under structures like a tree canopy will have significant adverse impacts on the performance of cell phone boosters. You also have to ensure that the antennas are not overheated by being directly exposed to sunlight.

Try Power-Cycling The Cell Phone Booster

Power cycling the cell phone booster simply means restarting the device. You may simply turn off the power switch and turn the power on after 15-30 seconds. For home and building boosters, simply flip the power switch to Off. In some vehicle cell phone boosters, you just have to unplug the power adapter from the power source.

Understand that investing some time in maintaining your cell phone booster is important to increase its life and to ensure its optimal performance.

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