How To Prevent Oscillation In Your Cell Signal Booster?

Oscillation is a common problem with cell signal boosters. It can adversely affect the performance of your cellular signal boosters. Therefore, it is important to solve it as soon as possible to improve the booster’s performance. This article will provide you some important information about oscillation tips for solving it.

What Is Oscillation?

Oscillation in cell signal boosters occurs when the signals from the indoor rebroadcasting antenna reach your outdoor intake antenna. It results in a feedback loop that can reduce the performance of booster. Boosters are designed to detect this problem and take action based on the situation. If a booster detects oscillation, it will reduce its gain. If the problem persists it will shut itself off. It will be indicated by a red light on the amplifier unit. Therefore, you have to solve this issue for your booster to perform normally.

How To Prevent Oscillation?

The first step in solving oscillation is to increase the distance between your antennas. Move the antennas further apart and check whether the problem is solved. If you are using the signal booster in a building, note that vertical separation is more effective than horizontal separation. Therefore, mount your outdoor antennas high for solving this problem. 

If you are using the booster in a vehicle, it is better to mount the outdoor antennas on the roof, as the metal body can act as a shield to prevent the signals from the indoor antennas reaching your outdoor antennas. If your vehicle has a sunroof, then mount the external antenna towards the backside of your roof, as signals from the internal antenna may reach the external antenna through this sunroof. 

If you are using a uni-directional antenna, then point it away from your building for avoiding oscillation. But this may not be possible when you are using an omni-directional antenna, as it will receive signals from all directions. In this case, you will have to separate your antennas horizontally or vertically for solving this issue.

Preventing Oscillation When Antenna Separation Is Not An Option

If you have tried distancing your antennas as far as possible, but the problem still persists, then the next step you can do is shielding your external antennas. Use something to block the signals from your internal antenna reaching your external antenna. Chimneys, air conditioning units, etc. can help you to shield the antenna. Hence, mount your antennas behind them for preventing oscillation. This will help you to facilitate the normal functioning of your booster.

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