Vodafone Booster - Mobile Phone Repeater

Signal Booster UK have worked to design repeaters that boost the Vodafone network. We designed our repeaters to boost phone signal indoors using the signal outside your home.

Below you will find a Mobile Signal Boosters to boost Vodafone signal simple choose whether you want voice only, data only or one to do both.

Will a Signal Booster work for me?

Do you have some signal outdoors but none or weak phone signal in your house? If so then you do need a Mobile Phone Signal Booster.  A booster will take the outdoor signal and boost it through your house giving you clear calls and data.
Options such as high gain aerial available at checkout would be a good idea if outside signal is 1-2 bars. If you want to cover more then Vodafone Signal Booster UK have a phone booster that will work with all UK mobile providers, we also have boosters for  EE, Three and o2 and Vodafone are both covered here.  If you want to know how repeaters work we have a quick guide available.

All Vodafone Booster - Mobile Phone Repeater