Three Signal Booster Range

No signal?

Do you get signal when your outside your building or at the window but nowhere else? This can be quite common with new building regulations insulating or homes and offices and blocking signal.

However Three is one of the best networks to boost as it all works on the same frequency for Voice as all networks use for 3G. All of these Three Signal Boosters are designed and tested to work with the Three UK Network and all other networks 3G voice and data.

What does this mean?

It means that when you boost your Three mobile phone signal with Signal Booster UK, you will always get both voice and data on Three and 3G voice and data on all UK networks as a bonus!  Meaning you can browse the web, call your friends or anything else you may wish to do. With a Three Signal Booster it is hard to go wrong.

If you wish to boost 2G (900/1800mhz) as well as 3G (2100mhz)  for all networks you need to add 900Mhz and 1800Mhz and we have a range here for all network booster

Signal Booster UK recommend a Hi-Gain  Yagi aerial for poor signal areas (1-2 bars) to ensure performance otherwise simple choose a repeater from below.

All Three Signal Booster Range