Mobile Reception Boosters- Yachts & Vehicles

Designed for vehicles and sea faring craft you can avoid dropped calls.  Pick up reception up to 10 miles from the nearest base station with a standard repeater and add a Yagi aerial  to pick up from 20 miles away out to sea we also have industrial to work 40 miles off shore. Self install or large projects catered for.

Avail of full reception everywhere you travel in the UK with our two best sellers.

Car Conversion Kit - If you prefer another option this allows you to convert any Repeater to a Vehicle Kit, Just choose any or our Repeaters to suit your needs and add this Kit to convert it for use at sea or in your car.

Ship Mobile Phone booster

We have a booster that will work with all UK mobiles, for car, SUV , boats or Ships. Our Signal Boosters can increase phone signal for all networks, We have a full range compatible with the vehicle conversion kit just choose any of our EE Signal Booster, Three Signal Booster , O2 Signal Booster and Vodafone Signal Booster and add to the vehicle conversion kit.

All Mobile Reception Boosters- Yachts & Vehicles