UltraMAX 37dB Industrial Use

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The MR UltraMAX 33dB Repeater is specifically designed for large area applications such as hotels, hospitals and commercial office buildings
Please contact our specialised team for free advice on what will suit your building. We offer a free design service and free consultation for your project.
System can be designed to be compatible with all UK networks or targeted networks, all 33dB's come with with Smart Repeater Technology to ensure it meets the highest UK standards.
The UltraMAX repeater is designed to improve the call or data transmission quality of an area by receiving, amplifying and re-transmitting signals of the base station mast into a specified area. The effective coverage area will depend on the strength of the signal being received by the outdoor antenna. The UltraMAX repeater has 90dB gain and is available in GSM 900MHz, DCS 1800MHz or 3G 2100MHz frequency bands.

Talk to our engineers and have a free DAS designed to suit your premises and a estimate for the work, a survey can be availed of for a refundable fee if desired.

2 Individual Units (GSM900 & DCS1800) are required to cover all 4 nertworks voice calls and will handle up to 500 users.

Most in-building commercial repeater applications require multiple indoor coverage aerials fed from the main repeater unit to provide the best signal distribution across the building. The UltraMAX repeater unit can accommodate up to 50 indoor coverage aerials and hundreds of meters of cabling. For indoor coverage on multiple networks it is possible to connect more than one UltraMAX base unit of different frequencies with a low-loss frequency combiner to provide dual-band or tri-band signal coverage to your indoor antenna system.|

Technical Specifications
Max Output Power (dBm)     37±2     31±2
Max Gain (dB)     93±3     93±3
ATT Adjustment in 1 dB Steps     0~30     0~30
Noise Figure (dB)     ≤5     ≤5
VSWR     ≤1.5     ≤1.5
Delay (μS)     ≤5.0     ≤5.0
RF Connector     N(f)
Impedance (Ω)     50
Power Supply (V)     AC220V, 50Hz
Temperature (ƒ?Ÿ)     -40~+55
Humidity (%)     ≤95
Monitor Access Options     RS-232
Dimensions (mm)     430x303x180
Weight (kg)     15