Signal Booster - Ceiling Antenna - 900/1800/2100MHz

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Picture of Signal Booster - Ceiling Antenna - 900/1800/2100MHz
  • Signal Booster - Ceiling Antenna - 900/1800/2100MHz
  • Signal Booster - Ceiling Antenna - 900/1800/2100MHz

 The MR omni-directional multiband ceiling mounted indoor coverage antenna is low profile and ideal for indoor coverage. This antenna is designed to be mounted in a suspended ceiling and provides better indoor coverage than a standard whip antenna. The MR Multiband Omni works with all mobile networks including GSM 900, GSM 1800 and 3G UMTS 2100. This antenna is compatible with any of the repeater kits on our site and more than one multiband omni can be used with on of our signal splitters to provide coverage to more than one area with a single base unit repeater.

  •     Indoor omni-directional pattern
  •     For GSM 900/1800 and 3G networks
  •     Easy to mount for increased coverage
  •     Money Back Guarantee

*** NOTE ***

This aerial is designed to mount into a suspended ceiling tile. You can purchase a pre-made length of cable from our Accessories Page to connect the repeater output to the location where you are mounting the aerial on the ceiling.     -35 to +70

The MR Multiband omni ceiling mount aerial covers 3G UMTS 2100, GSM900 and GSM1800. The stealthy, small and unobtrusive profile blends easily with any environment. The aerial looks like a smoke detector and can be combined with any of our repeater kits.  Features multiband frequencies with one connector, low profile, easy to install, ceiling mount and no tuning required.

Technical Specifications

  • Frequency Range :      800 MHz - 3000 MHz
  • Impedance :                 50 ohms
  • Antenna Gain :             3.5dBi
  • Radiation :                    Omni
  • Polarization :                 Vertical
  • Ground Plane :             Built-in
  • Connector :                   N Female
  • Material :                       Plastic
  • Coax :                           9" Lead
  • Dimensions :                 7" Dia. x 3" Height
  • Mount :                          Suspended Ceiling