Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM

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Picture of Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM
  • Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM
  • Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM
  • Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM
  • Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM
  • Signal Booster - Dual Band - 900/2100MHz - 250 SQM

This Dual band Booster Kit works on 900/2100 MHz. Mobile providers use this 900 frequency band for 2G which is used for voice calls and 2100 MHz for 3G that is used to send and receive data. This Booster work with all UK networks , the 2100 MHz (3G) will cover all mobile providers in the UK and 900MHz (2G) will work for o2, Vodafone, Tesco mobile, Lebara, EE & Virgin mobile. Thanks to that broad spectrum of frequency, booster will switch between frequencies if one of them gets down or weaker. This mean that there will be no interruption with your mobile signal service.

The I-boost repeater kit is priced to sell. The amazing kit is GUARANTEED to give your property a huge boost in signal! Boosting coverage to full bars in areas, up to 250 m2.

The I-boost works on the 900MHz and 2100MHz. cellular frequency. 900MHz is used by Vodafone, O2, Tesco and Lebara for Voice and Text service. 2100MHz is used by all UK and European networks for 3G data service, as well as Three voice in the UK. All Signal Booster kits are compatible with all mobile devices including the latest Apple and Samsung smartphones and tablets. 

This kit comes complete with everything you need to increase signal strength and stop dropped calls.  Designed to be self installed and comes with 100% free technical support and is shipped from the UK.

  • Vodafone, O2, Three, Tesco and Lebara Voice and Text Service
  • All UK and European 3G Data Networks
  • 55/60dB gain
  • Coverage up to 250 m2
  • Full indoor coverage.
  • Supports 20 simultaneous users
  • Money Back Guarantee

The kit is designed for medium sized coverage areas and to be self-installed in under 10 minutes. The I-boost  kit has been successfully and easily installed in all types of application areas including homes, basements, offices, warehouses and larger buildings.

The installation process involves placement outdoors of the external donor antenna which captures the signal and provides input to the repeater amplifier. Connecting this cable to the amplifier, which increases the signal strength before re-broadcasting, a clear and powerful signal inside.

Boost bars, extend range and stop dropped calls today!

The I-boost repeater kit comes complete with

  • 900/3G Mobile Booster Base Unit
  • High gain external antenna
  • 10 m cable to connect Repeater to antenna
  • AC/DC main power supply (230/110V - 12V DC)
  • Indoor Aerial
  • Installation manual
  • 12 Months Warranty Standard
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee


Technical Specifications

Gain ( dB) Uplink Gp≥55, Downlink Gp≥60
Pass band ripple ≤5dB
Guard band rejection (BW-60dB)≤42MHz, (BW-70dB)≤45MHz
I/O impedance 50Ω/N connector
I/O return loss ≤-8dB
Export power (Po) ≥323dBm
Intermodulation Attenuation: ≤-40dBc (Po=13dBm)
Transmission Delay ≤0.5μs
Ambient temperature -10ƒ?Ÿ‹«?50ƒ?Ÿ
Power supply AC110‹«?220V + - 10%
Connector Mode N/K for both in-out antenna socket
Diamension 235 x 178 x 25 mm