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Outstanding Product

In 2016 we released a new product – HiBoost consumer booster that knows no equals on the market. Learn why:

Today our company manufactures wideband and industrial mobile phone signal amplifiers for home / office, business and large buildings. The boosters can be easily installed by end-users or with help of professional installers.


Intelligent LCD

Innovative Functions

Real-time display of system parameters

Manual Gain Control & Automatic Gain Control 

Displays main booster parameters – gain, frequency, and output power to let you control the current system performance state.

Smart self-adjusting software for common users and manual power adjustment for professionals 

Smart troubleshooting

Automatic Gain Control - 51 db step control. 

Detects an exact kind of malfunction that is necessary to fix - ISO or ALC.

ISO means that there’s not enough distance between indoor and outdoor antennas,

ALC points at low receiving signal. i.e. mobile signal reception ourdoors is not strong enough to ensure overall signal amplfiication.

High signal reception sensitivity, full avoidance of conflict with operator base stations 

ISO problem resolving.

Easy and correct installation under any area conditions 

Assistance in installation

 Power 13/17/20/23 dbm.

Helps to find best point for outdoor antenna installation basing on the output power value displayed on the screen.

Overall coverage of any area from smallest to largest (up to 3000 m2)

* Apart from technology, all our products are officially certified for compliancewith European safety and quality standards (full CE, RoHS).

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