Home & Office boosters kits

Signal Boosters for home and office use

Missing sales calls, emergencies? Missing out on calls from the family and friends that matter to you? Well then enough is enough! These Mobile Signal Booster below will help you boost phone signal for any network you choose.

Signal Booster UK through years of research and hard work have designed and provide the best boosters kits on the market. So when you order from us you can be sure you are getting what you need.

Instal a Signal Booster in your house

What causes bad phone signal?

Bad phone signal can be caused by several things, some examples are...

  • Foil backed Insulation
  • thick brick walls breaking up all the phone signal
  • being too far from a mast

Signal Booster UK have the solution for all these problems. Our boosters kits will overcome poor indoor coverage and come with an exceptionally easy install, they are ideal for home and office.

Next Step to fix poor indoor coverage

Simply choose the network that you need to boost, We have Vodafone signal booster, EE boosters, 3 Mobile and O2 boosters or one for all UK mobile repeaters networks. If needed you can even choose a 3G or 4G boosters kits. Get a booster from us and with an easy install this problem will be a thing of the past.

What Size Signal Booster to get?

The coverage guide (250m2 etc) for each Booster is based on 5 Bars signal outside and an open plan. If you have weak outdoors signal or multiple inside walls, the coverage will be reduced. So for each bar less than 5 bars outdoors you will need to reduce the max coverage by approx 10%. All our repeaters have a 15 day money back guarantee ! We can definitely help. If in doubt feel free to call us on 020 8610 1606

Will it work for me?

To work all you need is some mobile signal outside your building. If you have a very poor mobile signal outside 0-1 bars. SignalBooster UK recommend a high gain yagi aerial available at checkout as an add on to ensure it will work. If you have signal outside, just choose a Mobile Signal booster below.

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