All Voice 3G & EE 4G Signal Booster

Signal Booster UK has tested, designed and approved these repeaters for ALL UK High Speed Networks. These Mobile Signal Boosters will provide you with super fast 3G & 4G data in your home and also voice calls.

Meaning you can remain in touch with whoever you want when you want!

Is it hard to use a 3G Signal Booster?

Not at all, you should see a Signal Booster like an Internet Modem. The only difference it rather than plugging it into your telephone socket you are connecting it to a discrete modem that is attached to the outside of your house, roof or balcony. It really is as easy as that. Once you turn it on you will get your signal. We also have 4G Signal Booster for all networks.


  • Why do I get bad signal? see our home & office signal booster page for more info.

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  • All Voice 3G & EE 4G Signal Booster