How To Boost Cellular Signals While Camping?

Man using his phone while camping with a signal booster.


Despite all the thrill and excitement of camping, you may not be all happy with the signal reception in those locations. High mountains and remote regions selected for camping often have poor cellular reception, meaning that you will have a tough time trying to stay connected. 

Why Is Cellular Reception Poor While Camping?

There are several reasons for weak signal reception while camping. Some of them are explained below. 

Distance Between Cell Phone And Transmitting Tower 

Due to the limitations of installing transmitting towers in high terrains, there won’t often be many cell towers. Every cell tower has a fixed range within which it sends signals. The closer your location is to this range’s boundary, the weaker the cellular reception will be.

Nature Of Terrain 

Hilly terrains lead to higher attenuation of signals because the radio waves transmitted from cell towers get scattered and lose some of their strength on hitting mountains and hills. Suppose cellular signals are coming from cell towers located at one side of a mountain. By the time it reaches the other side of the mountain, it would have undergone attenuation. 

Forest Cover

Camping places with thick forest cover have poor cellular reception because the forest cover weakens cellular signals. A significant percentage of signal strength is lost when cellular signals enter inside a canopy. 

How To Improve Cellular Signals While Camping?

Here are some of the methods you can try to improve cellular signals while camping.

  • Install a cell phone booster inside your vehicle. The device solves all signal issues by boosting the available signals at the camping station and rebroadcasting it to your cell phones. 
  • If you are inside your vehicle, step outside. The signal reception outside the car will be better than that inside. 
  • Position yourself clear of obstructing vegetation, as thick forest cover blocks signal partially. Know that everything that comes in between your transmitting tower and cell phone is potentially blocking your signal. 
  • To minimize terrain obstructions, find the highest ground in your area. This step is essential to free yourself from obstructions like hills and trees and establish the clearest line of communication. 

Why Choose A Cell Phone Booster?

Cell phone booster does not make signals on its own but works on available signals and improves the cellular reception. This solution is simple and has the advantage of limited complications involved in the installation, except in large scale installations. 

Understand that ensuring appreciable cellular connectivity is vital for your safety while camping in remote forested regions.

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