Is It Possible To Use Your Android Phone As A Wireless Router?

Using an android as a wireless router.

Being able to use your cell phone as a wireless router and share the internet with all connected cell phones helps you in many ways. Consider that you are in a place where all carrier signals are not equally strong. Some carrier signals might be weak while some may be strong. It all depends on what cellular towers are operating close to that area. If your carrier signal is weak but someone in your group has strong cellular reception in their phones, you have found a solution to your poor internet connection in your phone; use their phone as a wireless router. 

It just takes a few taps to share one’s internet connection to all connected devices including cell phones, laptops, and tablets. 

How Can You Use Your Cell Phone As A Router?

The feature that allows you to set up your cell phone as a WiFi router will be available on all Android phones. 

Accessing the functionality is simple. You need to go to Settings, select Network & Internet, and then choose Hotspot and Tethering. The names of these options may be different in some phones but the functions are all the same.

On tapping the WiFi hotspot, you will see a window that displays the network name, security type, password, and network band. You can edit these if necessary. 

WiFi Options 

The name displayed under the option Hotspot name is the SSID that will be displayed when you connect to a network on your device. We recommend you to choose a unique name that will not be confused with the SSIDs of the nearby devices. 

Turning off the security will allow everyone in the hotspot range to connect to your network. It is always better to secure your network than to leave it without any security. You can find the remaining settings by tapping Advanced

Under the option password, you can see the password that your phone has generated randomly. If needed, you can choose a new password. 

The last option is the band. The 5GHz band is less affected by interference and you can expect better performance while in a busy location if you choose this band. 

By turning the on/off tethering switch on, you are good to go. 

Using your phone as a router works only if someone in your group has good signal reception on their phones. If you are at a place where most carrier signals have poor quality, you would have to consider other options like a cell phone booster. It can capture available cellular signals of all carriers and boost them to the required levels so as to facilitate better cellular communication.

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